Slimfold Shower Bench Seat

Specifically created to provide comfort, support and assistance whilst showering the bench version of the Slimfold range contains many innovative features such as:

Strong fold down arms
Rounded edges to provide assurance moving in and out of the seat
Easy clean surface
Soft to touch warm surface

When folded, the seat has a projection from the wall of only 68mm plus you see the stylish top of the seat rather than the underside. To deploy it you simply pull out the front edge so that the rear of the seat slides down, and in the case of the seat as opposed to the bench, the arms then fold neatly in to place.

The non-obstructive cross bracing legs allow the seat to be mounted at any height from 417mm upwards, making it suitable for both children and adults.

Most shower seats and benches have a weight limit of around 190kg, however Slimfold has been designed to withstand up to 300kg and has undergone a number of stringent tests to guarantee structural safety and security.

The seat and bench both come in a variety of colours, adding an element of choice to a product that is already a more attractive proposition than current market alternatives. The matching seat and arms of Slimfold’s design adds to the aesthetic appeal whilst maintaining good use of colour contrast for the visually impaired.

Sky Blue: SFB250WSB
Grey: SFB250WGY
Black Granite: SFB250WBG
Sandstone: SFB250WSS
White Stone: SFB250WWS

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