Redring Selectronic Premier Plus

The Selectronic Premier range of thermostatic showers gives you the best of both worlds. With its unique microprocessor control technology and array of advanced features, Selectronic represents the very latest in showering innovation. Selectronic has been designed to make showering as comfortable and straightforward as possible. A whole range of ingenious features has been incorporated to help make turning on and operating the Selectronic Premier simplicity itself.

There is even a remote control option that allows the operator to start/stop the shower from outside the shower zone.

Existing Selectronic Premier Plus showers can be upgraded with the remote control option if required by purchasing a receiver module (SELP/RM) and remote control button (SELP/RC).

Separate temperature controls with large push button start/stop and audible bleeps
Clear print control identification for ease of visibility and legibility
Large LED temperature readout display
Thermostatic temperature control for added safety
Adjustable maximum temperature setting for added safety
Eco Water-Save feature that automatically calculates and adjusts the optimum flow rate.
Phased shutdown reduces limescale and ensures a cool start for added safety for the next user.
Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes of inactivity
6 spray pattern shower head with rub clean nozzles for easy cleaning
Extended riser rail (1m) with 2m hose
Guaranteed for 3 years, with optional 2 year extended warranty
8.5kW Code: SELP85P 9.5kW Code: SELP95P
8.5kW with remote control Code: SELP85PR
9.5kW with remote control Code: SELP95PR
Upgrade remote control Code: SELP/RC
Upgrade receiver Code: SELP/RM

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