Lima Vita Wash & Dry Toilet

The Lima Vita has been purpose-designed to combine a conventional WC with integrated washing and drying.

Lima Vita features
• Wall-hung version of the Palma Vita
• Ergonomically designed to properly support the user
• Can be used as a conventional WC
• Enables unit to be fixed at exact height required by user
• Facilitates bathroom/wetroom floor cleaning
• Safe working load:114Kg/18St

This unit is required to be secured to the finished wall surface. It therefore relies on the structural strength of the wall to which the unit is being fitted.


Description of equipment

• The Closomat toilet is an electrically operated wash and dry toilet designed to provide the operator/user with a hygienic solution to toileting.

Start-up procedure
• To enable a warm washing cycle operation the Closomat toilet must be switched on. Each Closomat toilet has its own isolation switch. To switch the unit on, the location for each switch is as follows;
• Palma Vita – Right hand side of unit, at the base of the cistern cover, through a Perspex screen.
• Lima Vita – Right hand side of unit, at the base of the cistern cover, through a Perspex screen.
• Once switched on, the water will reach core temperature within 5 minutes. It is advised that to maintain the core temperature in readiness for use, the unit be left switched on at all times.

Electrical services
• To avoid the risk of electric shock, this equipment MUST only be connected to a supply mains with protective earthing by a competent or qualified person.

Mains isolation
• All electrical appliances must be installed in accordance to the relevant regulations associated with the country it is within. To conduct any form of repairs or servicing it is recommended that a mains isolation device be located in the vicinity of the unit.
• 220/240v single phase AC supply is required,(loading 10A, maximum power 1300 watts). The Closomat Lima toilet is supplied with a 3 core cable attached and MUST NOT be removed or replaced. A fused spur is required for isolation.
• Spur outlet to be located in accordance with current I.E.E. Regulations (Current Edition).
• No modification of this unit is allowed other than by the manufacturer.
• Closomat has IPX4 rating.

Shutdown procedure
• For normal isolation, the Closomat toilet can be turned off using the integrated switch. To carry out any servicing, the unit MUST be isolated at the mains feed.

Bathroom/shower room installations
• The Closomat toilet must not be in direct line with the shower spray. Some form of partition between shower and the Closomat toilet is advisable to prevent any water spraying directly onto the equipment.
• A shower should not be used in conjunction with the Closomat toilet i.e. under no circumstances must a user shower whilst seated on the Closomat toilet.

Water services (WRAS approved)
• It is essential that the entering water is cold.
• We would recommend water supply isolated via isolation valve.
• Water supply can be from storage vessel or mains(‘Grey Water’ MUST NOT BE USED).
• Boiler Capacity: 1.7 litres.
• Water rate: min. 8 l/min. max. 0.8 PMa (8 bar)
• Cistern capacity: 6 litres.

• The Closomat toilet has an internal overflow which discharges into the W.C. pan through the flush valve.

Soil connection
• Relevant soil connector to be sourced by installer.
• Soil connections suitable for Closomat toilet;S-Trap (vertical fall) wall to centre of pipe from 70mm-230mm max. P-Trap (horizontal) floor to centre of pipe 200mm max.
• The Closomat toilet is suitable for all turned trap outlets, through purpose made removable side covers on lower level.


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