Lima Lifter Wash & Dry Toilet

The Lima Lifter height-adjustable automatic wash & dry toilet provides flushing, washing and warm air drying from one simple operation.

The Lima lifter is fixed to the wall,and is supplied with an additional floor plate for extra support (in case the mounting wall is not structural/strong enough to bear the load).

The Lima Lifter is ideally suited to multi-user situations, as it features fingertip control via simple buttons mounted in the support arm.

Lima Lifter Features
Height-adjustable seat
Drop-down arms can be raised or lowered with the lift
Easy access for compatible shower chair use
Improved personal hygiene
Ergonomically designed to properly support the user
Can be used at all times as a conventional WC
Includes battery back-up
Safe working load: 120Kg/18.5St

Douche activation button on the arm is an optional extra


Electrical services
Electrical installation should be in accordance with I.E.E. Regulations (Current Edition)
• One 220/240V 50Hz single phased AC earthed supply is required for each appliance (lifter and toilet). Loading for the toilet is l0amp maximum power 1300 watts. Loading for the lifter is 5amp maximum power 72 watts. The Clos-o-Mat Lima Lifter’s power supply is via a special connection to the face of the lifter. A fused spur isolation point is required for each appliance
• Spur outlet to be located in accordance with current I.E.E. Regulations (Current Edition)
• No modification of this unit is allowed other than by the manufacturer
• Clos-o-Mat Lima Lifter has IPX4 rating

Bathroom/shower room installations
• The Manufacturer stipulates that at no time must the lifting device be situated in the direct line with any shower spray. We recommend that some form of partition be used to separate the lifter from the shower spray
• A shower should not be used in conjunction with the Closomat Lima Lifter i.e. under no circumstances must a user shower whilst seated on the Closomat Lima Lifter

Water services (WRAS approved)
• It is essential that the entering water is cold
• 1/2” x 15mm connection required to a 15mm supply pipe
• We recommend water supply isolated via isolation valve outside the confines of the unit
• Water supply can be from high-level storage or mains (‘Grey Water’ MUST NOT BE USED)
• Boiler Capacity: 1.7 litres
• A constant water supply of 8 litres/min must be achieved. Max 8 bar
• Cistern capacity is 9 litres set at 6 litres

• The Closomat Lima Lifter has an internal overflow which discharges into the W.C. pan through the flush valve

Soil connection
• IMPORTANT NOTE: the soil connection MUST be directly through the floor
• The outlet connection size must be 100mm and flush with the floor level. It is positioned centrally to the width of the lifter and 90mm to centre of the outiet from the back wall.

Further notes
• No permanent handrails or other obstructions should be fitted across the front or top of the unit. The white outer casing of the Closomat Lima Lifter has to be pulled forwards and upwards to remove for any maintenance.
• The single standard douche is the only option for this device
• Unit not rated for altitude. 2000m is the maximum
• This application requires an earth connection

• Safe working load: 120Kg/18.5St
• Height-adjustable: 420mm – 720mm
• Width: 810mm x Depth: 1050mm


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