Can be fitted inside the pump case or on the wall.

Supplied with match shower PCB and pump interface box.

Replaces flow meter on pump connection.

Requires no separate power supply (taken from pump signal wires).

Compatible with all AKW digital pumps: M11, M17, M20.

No wires and no mess means super-quick and easy installation in situations where gravity waste isn’t suitable.


Detailed Description

The AKW Wireless Pump Interface, providing quiet, compact and wireless waste solution.

The iCare shower works seamlessly with AKW Wireless Pumps and Pump Interface Box to match the rate of flow and all done whilst virtually silent in operation using AKW’s Silentflow+ waste.

Because all of these products are designed, manufactured and supported by AKW, we promise a no hassle installation process backed up by our fully trained technical team.

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